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Supporting The Teaching of Maths at Key Stages 2 to 5 and cross curricula

Maths teaching is entering a new era. The almost sudden proliferation of 21st Century tools and techniques has opened up many new possibilities for those teaching Numeracy and Maths.

Technology has arrived in the classroom, and not just in the form of white boards and materials converted from WORD to PDF’s. An exciting, innovative, challenging and inspiring world has opened up.

rgsk is a new type of Maths consultancy offering support to teachers, school and college leaders and all of us working towards improved Maths engagement for students and parents.


  • Experience and expertise in getting the best from the latest technology
  • A range of ground breaking content for class room and private study
  • Innovative ideas to support busy Maths teachers and school leaders and to raise standards.
  • Understanding and knowledge of pedagogy, Learning and Assessment

So if you are passionate about Maths and teaching, if you want your students to succeed with the subject, to develop a lasting appreciation of Maths and use the latest tools and technologies - speak to us today about  how we can help you.

rgsk sponsors the MathSpeak 2015 conference .... click here for more

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